To provide youth football and cheer opportunites in West and Southwest Seattle from ages 6 to 14 years old

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2018 West Seattle Jr. Football and Cheer Registration

Here you'll find:

  • General registration information and updates 
  • Information required to register
  • The Age/Weight Chart for all football divisions
  • A link to register at TeamSnap (our new registration system)

General Registration Information

Thank you for your interest in West Seattle Football and Cheer. For 2018, we are using TeamSnap's registration platform. If you already have a TeamSnap account, you will use your current login name and password. If you don't have any account, you will need to create a new one. You should also download the TeamSnap app for your phone.

Before you register, there are a few things you need to note:

  • Players may only participate in the weight/age division they are assigned. (See chart below.) Weights are certfied at the Jamboree in late August.
  • Football teams are limited to 29 players. We do maintain a waitlist.
  • Registration fees:
    • 76ers – $175.
    • 89ers, Peewees, Bantams, Juniors, and Seniors – $250.
    • Cheer – $320: $60 for registration and $260 for the uniform.
  • Football registration fees includes seasonal use of helmet, chin strap, mouth guard, shoulder pads, padded pants, jersey, socks, and wrist coach. Players have the option to buy their jersey.
  • Full payment by July 15 reserves a spot on a football team unless the team is already full. Full payment for cheer is due July 15.
  • Partial payments are accepted. However, payment-in-full by the deadline is required to secure a spot on a team.
  • Installments plans paid by credit card are available. The first payment is $50 and the remaining three installments are charged monthly.
  • If you are interested in applying for a financial-need based scholarship, go to the Contacts webpage and send an email to Michelle Gaither, our Scholarship Cordinator.  There are no scholarships for cheer uniforms.
  • A multi-child discount is available for immediate family members. It's $25 off for each child registered beyond the 1st registered child. 
  • Registrants with unpaid balances will not be added to a roster. Payment is required to recieve equipment.
  • Practice begins August 6 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Hiawatha Park.

Information Required to Register

The following information is required for registration:

  • Weight (Football only) – the player's approximate weight is required.
  • Age on July 31 – You will need to know the participants age on July 31 of this year.
  • Division (Football only) – Use the age-weight chart below to determine which division/team your child will play.
  • Medical Insurance Info – Insurance provider, address, phone and policy number.
  • Physician's Name and Phone
  • Medical Information – Allergies, last tetanus shot, etc.
  • Emergency Contacts – Name and phone numbers.
  • A Picture of the Child (Optional)
  • Payments method – Credit cards and ACH accepted. No cash or checks.
  • Birth Certificate Copy  (Football only) – For those new to the program, following online registration, you will need to provide a legible paper copy of your player's birth certificate before receiving equipment. 

Age/Weight Chart for Football Divisions

  Age* and Weight per Division 
  76ers 89ers Peewees Bantams Juniors Seniors**
Age* Weight Limits
6 None          
7 0-94 ≥95        
8   None        
9   0-94 ≥95      
10     0-108 ≥109    
11     0-90 91-123 ≥124  
12     0-78 79-103 104-139 ≥140
13       0-90 91-116 ≥117
14         0-99 100-167

*Age is age of player on July 31

**9th-grade Seniors limited to 127 lbs and only four 9th graders per team.
   Other 14-year old Seniors may weigh up  to 167 lbs.

Click the button below to go Registration for football & cheer

Note: For those new to TeamSnap, the system will ask you to register for TeamSnap account.