Welcome to West Seattle Junior Football and Cheer. We strive to provide a positive introduction to youth football and cheer and to instill our young athletes with skills beyond the play-field.

West Seattle Junior Football and Cheer is a proud member of the Northwest Junior Football League.

Six Levels - Organized by Age & Weight
Teams in our league are organized by age and weight with six levels of play for ages 6-14. This the most widely used approach in junior football. Other leagues may not account for weight variations and may offer fewer levels of play. Our approach is structured to increase participation opportunities and safety for all players. Here are our six levels of play, age, and weight: 

  76ers 89ers Peewees Bantams Juniors Seniors**
Age* Weight Limits
6 None          
7 0-85 ≥86        
8   None        
9   0-94 ≥95      
10     0-108 ≥109    
11     0-90 91-123 ≥124  
12     0-78 79-103 104-139 ≥140
13       0-90 91-116 ≥117
14         0-99 100-167

*Age is age of player on  Aug. 31

**9th Grade Seniors limited to 127-lbs.  Seniors may have only four 9th graders per team.

    8th grade 14 year olds can be up to 167-lbs. on Senior Team


by: Joel Gaither