Leadership and Organization

The West Seattle Wildcats are members of the Northwest Junior Football League (NJFL). 

The franchise is governed by a nine-member volunteer board.


Wildcats Board of Directors


Past President: Earnest Phillips

*President: Vacant

*Vice President

*Treasurer: David Hohimer

  • Asst. Treasurer: Vacant

*Secretary: Vacant

  • Asst. Secretary: Vacant

**Volunteer Manager: Vacant

**UW Study Liaison: Vacant

**Cheer: Vacant

**Sponsorship and Fundraising: Vacant

**Communications: Vacant

Player Safety Coordinator: Vacant

Scholarship Manager: Vacant

Merchandising: Vacant

Team Parent Liaison: Vacant

Game Day Volunteer Recruiter: Vacant

Player Recruitment Coordinator: Vacant

Concessions Manager: Vacant



President: Earnest Phillips

Vice President: Joel Gaither

Treasurer: David Hohimer

Secretary: Harriette Thrash

Volunteer Manager: Annette Phillips

UW Study Liaison: Michelle Gaither

Cheer: Nita

Sponsorship: Trey Danna

Communications: Barb Childs

Player Safety Coordinator: Ming Lee

Scholarship Manager: Michelle Gaither

Merchandising: Heidi Matzen

Fundraising: Trey Danna

Sponsorship: Trey Danna

Team Parent Liaison: Annette Phillips

Game Day Volunteer Recruiter: Jessica Raucci

Player Recruitment Coordinator:


*Executive Board | **Voting Board Member


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West Seattle Jr Football and Cheer

3614 A California Ave SW, #147

Seattle, WA 98116