West Seattle Junior Football & Cheer started in 2007 with a handful of volunteers committed to developing an inclusive football program for the youth in West Seattle.

We are still a 100 percent volunteer organization. There are no paid positions.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered as our coaches, team parents, chain-team, clock keepers, concessions help, and board members. Every hand helps.

Below is a list of open positions and volunteer opportunities. It's OK to team up and split a position with another person. 

If you are interested in volunteering, or receiving more information, please contact Jessica Meeds, the board volunteer manager.

R.I.P. Nino
R.I.P. Nino

Board Roles and Positions

Past President: Provides guidance and continuity.


  1. Provide overall direction for the franchise
  2. Facilitate board operations Facilitate board meetings
  3. Attends NJFL board meetings


  1. Serve in the president’s absence
  2. Manage coaches
  3. Works with NJFL with coach registration
  4. Facilitates coach meeting/training
  5. Assist with game day volunteers


  1. Manage franchise funds
  2. Supports registration and concessions
  3. Procures/manages insurance
  4. Buys equipment


  1. Manage franchise records and records minutes
  2. Manages player registration
  3. Manages scholarships

Board Volunteer Manager**
Recruits and manages volunteers for 10 key volunteer positions (Merchandising, Sponsorship, Fundraising, Team mom cord., Game day volunteer, Cleat exchange, Concessions, Concession volunteer mgr., Banquet manager)

Directs cheer

Fundraising and Sponsorship**

  1. Identify, recruits, and stewards sponsors
  2. Determine sponsorship levels/amounts
  3. Manages raffle baskets for end-of-year banquet


  1. Manages Social media and website
  2. Manages game and practice photography

Player safety Cord.

Scholarship mgr.

  1. Managers the scholarship program
  2. Assists with registration

Selects, inventories, and sells merchandise (at home games)

Team Parent Liaison

  1. Recruits and serves as board liaison to the team parents
  2. Manages team parent communications
  3. Assist in Concession Management and Fundraising

Gameday volunteer recruiter 
Recruits game day volunteers

Player Recruitment Cord. 
Develops and executes a plan to recruit players


  1. Manages concession operations
  2. Buy concession supplies

*Executive Board | **Voting Board Member

Volunteer Opportunities

Year-End Celebration Committee: Food, raffle baskets, décor, or awards.

Coaches: Head and assistant coaches at all levels.

Coach Coordinator: Assist in coach administration, including recruiting coaches and managing coach certifications.

Coach equipment cord: Ensures coaches have equipment

Concession Shift Manager

Equipment Manager: Maintain, distribute, and inventory equipment.

Field Day Committee: Help with promotions or run a station for preseason field day in July.

Field Setup and Takedown (Hiawatha)

Game Day shift manager: Ensure volunteers reports to their assigned duties or positions

Photo Day Coordinator: Arrange details with photographer and be the liaison for the teams with forms and information to coordinate team photo day.

Team Positions (May tag-team/rotate where appropriate)

Team Parent (for your player’s team):

    1. Assist head coach with administrative duties.
    2. Manages picture forms for their team

Team Photographer: Take occasional photos of your player’s team practicing and at games.

Team Videographer: Take video footage of your child’s game for Hudl.

Team Concession volunteer coordinator

Game Day Team Manager

Game Clock Operator

Game Clock Operator Spotter: works with game clock operator to spot referee signs and signals.

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West Seattle Jr Football and Cheer

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