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General questions about the program? First-time parents to football or our franchise?

Please feel free to contact any of the volunteers below for information or contact us at our general email account Don't forget to follow us on Facebook too.

Listed below are the 2018 volunteers and contacts. We are seeking new volunteers for the 2019-2020 season. Come join the fun.

R.I.P. Nino

Barb Childs

Annette Phillips

Michelle Gaither

David Hohimer

Annette Phillips

Teams and Coaches
Joel Gaither

Trey Danna

Fan Gear/Merchandise
Heidi Matzen

Earnest Phillips

Safety Children's Study
Michelle Gaither

Jes Raucci

General Issues and Concerns

As a general rule, your head coach should be your first line of consult should concerns arise about your player and/or team.

If after speaking with your head coach you feel it is necessary to loop in an additional perspective for resolution, please see the board liaison. The board liaison is a neutral party between the coaching staff and the board of directors. The liaison will determine if a concern should be brought forward to the board of directors and will represent a neutral perspective in the process.

Game day protocol: West Seattle Junior Football & Cheer's policy for concerns that arise on gameday Saturday is to wait until Tuesday to address them with the head coach.

2019 Cheer Committee

We are looking for a volunteer to recruit and lead a parent/community volunteer committee that will make recommendations to the board of directors to determine the structure of our cheer program going forward. If you are interested in leading this group, or becoming a member of the committee, please contact Earnest Phillips.

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